The Purpose of Serving It Right
Serving It Right program is a course that will educate you about your legal responsibilities when serving liquor. You must hold a certificate in order to work, or hold a liquor license.
Serving It Right is designed for:

  • People working in tourism and hospitality,
  • Individuals whose special occasion license requires them to have Serving It Right,
  • Keeping customers and the public safe while allowing them to enjoy the benefits and pleasures that good food and drink can bring,
  • Encouraging a responsible, caring and professional approach to the serving of alcohol.

Serving It Right provides critical information on the effects of alcohol on people, and techniques for preventing over-service. This information will help you develop a more positive environment for your patrons, a professional image for your establishment, and increased awareness of your legal responsibilities around alcohol service.
The Serving It Right exam is a multiple choice exam, consisting of 30 randomly generated questions. The pass rate is 80%, or 24 questions answered correctly.